The art of taking time

You can count the ingredients in our bread on one hand: flour, levain, water, salt and time. We use only British organic stone-ground flour milled to our exacting specifications. This is what gives our bread an earthy, deep richness and hearty crust. While industrial bakeries use yeast to get their bread to rise, we use our levain, a natural sourdough starter to give our breads lift. It’s the secret to our bread’s rich flavour and aroma (and time is always on our side). We take bread making nice and slow, up to 24 hours, letting the levain starter do its job and our skilled bakers guiding the way.

Our baking process, levain

Levain is sourdough. Ours dates back to the 1990s. It's a labour of love, you have to look after it. It’s an involved process, you have to nurture it everyday, by feeding it, watering it and giving it a little stir. The levain gives our bread its wonderful flavour.

Besides allowing for the uniquely developed taste of the bread, this natural fermentation process breaks down sugars and starches. It helps slowly develop gluten (which means you don't have an excess of gluten production) resulting in naturally, nutrient-rich bread. This natural process means our breads are easier to digest.


Meet our bread family

We offer a selection of breads to satisfy your every whim, whether you dine in our restaurants or take home a loaf from our bakery.


This is our signature bread, made only with organic whole-wheat flour, sea salt, water and levain. This hearthy 2 kg loaf is the base of our tartines and perfect to bring home in whole, half or quarters. We even slice if you would like to.


Long, slender and classic, our baguette is sourdough. It features a crisp, golden-brown crust and a tender, supple crumb. It's a cold fermented baguette, which means from start to finish it is a 24 hour process.

Baguette Multigrain

With its darker colour this traditional sourdough baguette is packed with nutritions, wholesome flavour with a additional nutty taste.


Baked in a large oval shape, our rich and nutty walnut bread benefits from organic walnuts, organic whole wheat flour, sea salt, water and levain. Hearty and slightly sweet, this is lovely with a nice piece of cheese.


Using the most ancient grains with our artisan baking process, our spelt bread is high in essential minerals and have a unique, exceptional taste.


Dense, rich and hearty, our deeply dark rye is made with organic dark rye flour, whole-wheat flour, sea salt, water and levain. With good butter and fleur de sel, life is good.


An ideal bread for breakfast, our five-grain highlights flax seeds, rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. Raisins add sweetness and whole organic wheat flour, yeast, sea salt and water comprise the bones of the loaf.

Gluten-free, multispeed bread

With organic oatbase, our gluten-fre bread is a delicious alternative, not just for customers with celiac.

Brioche loaf

Delicious and rich sweet taste, our brioche is a great alternative for a regular bread at any occasion.


Shaped after its namesake, the petite flute begins with organic wheat flour, sea salt, water and levain, and after shaping it is rolled in hazelnuts and raisins. Need we say more?

Want to learn the secrets to making rustic European-style bread? Join us for a small, hands-on bakery class!

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