LPQ Belgrano-Sucre Opens in Buenos Aires

Posted on Company News, July 23rd, 2013

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On July 23rd, LPQ Argentina proudly opened its 3rd location in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Recognized as one of Buenos Aires’s most charming neighborhoods, Belgrano is loosely split into four areas: Belgrano R, Belgrano C, Central Belgrano and Bajo Belgrano. The major characteristic of the barrio is its residential feel and the presence of grand, 19th century homes lining wide, leafy avenues. Belgrano is a great place for aimlessly strolling and discovering what lies around the next corner. A popular meeting point for locals is Barrancas de Belgrano, a park designed by French-Argentine landscaper Carlos Thays. Belgrano is also popular for shopping. Avenida Cabildo runs the entire width of the barrio and is lined with clothing and shoe shops ranging from chain stores to independent boutiques. Belgrano is also home to an eclectic range of bars and restaurants to choose from.

LPQ Belgrano-Sucre is a beautiful two story shop that can accommodate 120 guests. The location features a welcoming storefront with tall, iron-framed windows, that allow passersby to feast their eyes on our fresh bread and baked goods. LPQ Belgrano-Sucre is a very special LPQ; it is the only one in the world that features an outdoor balcony. Guests can enjoy their fare outdoors, while overlooking the streets of Belgrano. Inside, hanging rugs and tractor seats decorate the walls in traditional LPQ fashion.

HR Analyst Silvina Mirabelli says “Le Pain Quotidien Belgrano-Sucre has a modern and romantic style. The atmosphere is relaxing and brings to mind my childhood in the Belgrano neighborhood. The furniture and lighting make you feel at home. You can´t stop feeling the simplicity and hospitality in every smile and in every detail of this little house in the middle of a huge town!”

General Manager Gastón Verdi and Kitchen Manager Carlos Mendoza are thrilled to be a part of the Belgrano opening. Gastón is the assistant manager of the LPQ Armenia store and Carlos has been with LPQ Argentina since the opening of their first store. They are ready to use their experience to make LPQ Belgrano a success!