New Year, New me! – does this sounds familiar? The fresh start of the year encourages all of us to implement or try something different. At least for a month…that is durable.

If dry January is not your cup of tea and you looking for something which is beneficial for yourself and for the environment too Veganuary is a perfect choice.

The movement started on 2014 globally and it means to try the vegan lifestyle for 30 days. You can start anytime during January and keep it on for 30 days. As veganism is currently the highest growing lifestyle in the UK ditching meat, dairy and eggs for a month is not as hard as it seems for the first blink.

According to surveys most of the participants gave up on their new-born veganism due to not being able to socialize with others. Admittedly it is hard to detach yourself from your usual routine even if it is only about a quick coffee with someone. Luckily there are several places now which cater for both omnivores and vegans. And we are proud to say that Le Pain Quotidien is one of them.

At LPQ we take seriously our aim to offer healthy, organic, seasonal food to everyone. We continuously challenge ourselves and encourage our customers to become part time vegans for shorter or longer periods.

So how we doing this?

Start your day at LPQ with cup of coffee made with almond or soya milk. Grab a vegan blueberry muffin or sit down with a basket of our fresh, organic bread and a choose your favourites from our luxurious spreads. Our Noir, dark chocolate spread is vegan just like all our organic jams.

If you looking for something healthier give a go to our Turmeric Chai latte with plant milk and energize with our vegan detox bowl. With creamy coconut yoghurt, super seeds and banana it is one of the most popular breakfast order within non-vegans too.

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Quickly come lunch time but it is also means a new adventure at ours: we have a new avocado salad with miso-tahini dressing. A large plate of freshness, tastiness and healthiness. Enjoy the detoxing benefits of red cabbage and fill up with vitamin C from the fresh oranges.


 If you looking for something warm in the January cold try our Vegan Pot au Feu. Filled with delicious veggies, nutritious quinoa served with hot spicy harissa on the side it is a great medicine to take the winter blues away.

Desserts and sweets can be tricky for vegans. Don’t worry if you have a sweet tooth: our vegan coco & pear cake is a winner. Literally: It had been awarded by PETA in 2016 as the Best Vegan Cake!


And you don’t have to give up your Friday night wine o’clock either. We have a vegan share platter, the Hummus Ménage a Trois. Three different flavour of hummus with fresh vegetable crudities.  And if you order a share platter a bottle of wine is on half price!* Our wines are always organic and most of them are vegan unless it is stated differently on the menu.

And this is not even the full list of our vegan choices! Keep an eye on our menu for the carrot symbol for more options. Also further more dishes can be veganised for order.


Either sign up for Veganuary or be a part-time vegan, at Le Pain Quotidien you will find great food and great atmosphere to fulfil your appetite. Join us at our communal table and enjoy the rainbow of plants and fruits!

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*offer is Monday to Friday after 5pm