The arrival of summer inevitably brings with it a thirst for refreshing, summery wines. With the warmer weather here to stay, we’ve introduced the lovely Grüner Veltliner from Meinklang Vineyards to our menu.

Bright, fresh and citrusy, with a hint of spice, this biodynamic wine comes from eastern Austria, on the eastern side of Lake Neusiedl by the Hungarian border. Long hot summer days and Indian summers make for perfectly ripe grapes with a full character, while the cool evenings give the grapes resting time, bringing out the aromatic qualities of the fruit.

Meinklang Vineyard2

While you may not have heard of it before, this grape has won international praise from wine critics and sommeliers alike, especially for its ability to pair well with food. Yet, despite all of this buzz, it’s still relatively unknown to the masses. So, we’ve asked our very own Silke Lueckl-Basson, manager of LPQ Wimbledon, to share her perspective on this delicious wine from her home country.


When I tried the Grüner Veltliner, the smell and taste took me back to my native Homeland of Austria.

Considered the Austrian citizen’s “house wine,” the Grüner Veltliner is a very light wine, which goes well with any food. It’s usually enjoyed as a young fresh wine, but it can also be amazing when matured. Typically, you’ll find it served at a “Heuriger” or “Buschenschank,”  which is usually a rustic restaurant run by the wine farmer and serves homemade or regional bread, meat and vegetables and of course, their own wine and schnapps.

I would describe the Grüner Veltliner as a fresh, fruity, peppery and full flavoured wine. Depending on the soil in which it’s grown, the taste can vary from apple and fresh mowed grass to more peachy flavours. It is an easy growing grape which does not need a lot of maintenance, but long summer days and long autumns bring out the best in this wine. 

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When I started at LPQ, our tartines reminded me of home a lot as the signature dish is bread covered with all the spreads and meats. The favourite past time and meeting place during the year and especially during autumn is the “Heuriger” or “Buschenschank” where we can have all the amazing wine directly from the vineyard. Now


Have you tried our new wine yet? We’d love to hear your own review!

Photos courtesy of Meinklang Vineyards