Catering Frequently Asked Questions

Can you deliver to my area?

Our site automatically tells you whether delivery to your home or office is possible. We cover central London locations, as well as Leeds and Oxford city centres.


Can I place orders myself?

Yes, please visit us at to register and then place your order for delivery or collection.


Can I request a delivery time?

Yes, we offer 30 minute slots from 8am until 5pm.


Can I email or telephone my order through to LPQ?

Yes of course. Please be aware that during busy times there may be a delay in our ability to reply promptly. The office is open between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday and closed at weekends. Please email at


I have placed an order for a weekend, how do I know who to contact if I need to chase my order?

With each order placed, you will receive an email confirmation. This is your receipt. Please check the bottom of this receipt. The telephone number of the restaurant delivering to you is written there in the grey area. Please press option 3 upon dialling.


Can I order for weekends?

The online ordering platform is closed at weekends for self-ordering. However, please email your orders through to the catering team for us to organise for you.


Do you deliver hot-food?

Unfortunately we are not able to deliver hot food at present.


I have paid by credit card but I require an invoice.

Invoices are sent only to customers who have an existing credit account.



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